Consumption of alcohol in the UK continues to fall.

Friday 27 September 2019

The latest findings from Mintel’s British Lifestyles Report, which tracks spending across major consumer markets shows that consumption of alcohol in the UK continues to fall. The report also shows that UK consumers’ demand for premium alcohol and soft drinks continues to rise.

One in five adults in the UK adults now say they do not drink alcohol, while just under half of alcohol buyers/drinkers say they have cut back the amount of alcohol they consume over the last 12 months.

But as Brits actively look to reduce their alcohol intake, many are prepared to spend more on their drinks. As a result, premiumisation is helping to drive value sales, with overall sales of alcoholic drinks growing by 5.5% between 2017-18 to a total of £21.8 billion.

The widespread efforts of consumers to limit or reduce their alcohol intake continues to create significant opportunity for the soft drinks industry. Estimated to be valued at £11.3 billion in 2018, the non-alcoholic drinks retail market grew by an impressive 15.4% between 2013-18, with ‘adult soft drinks’ among the fastest growing soft drinks segments.

The fact that so many Brits are cutting down on the amount of alcohol they drink has proven to be a boon for soft drinks brands. The industry has helped to further drive this demand by launching a raft of new soft drinks – using more sophisticated packaging and flavour profiles to help secure a ‘grown-up’ audience.

The no and low alcohol market is also showing growth in 2019. Robinsons Brewery recently revealed a dramatic increase in sales of no and low alcoholic beers and ciders, with 2019 sales up 59% on the previous year.

The stats revealed by Robinsons show that 30% of customers sitting in their pubs and bars are not drinking alcohol, they are drinking low or no alcohol products. Robinsons reported that this trend has increased most with millennials, who as a generation are showing themselves to be more alcohol conscious.