Proposed Changes to Articles of Association following the Governance Review

Thursday 9 January 2020

It is intended that CAMRA members will be asked at the AGM in April to approve changes to the organisation’s Articles of Association to strengthen the governance of the Campaign, following a review last year. The National Executive accepted the report and recommendations of the Governance Review Group, which were published to all members in 2019. It also considered feedback from staff and volunteers about its ability to manage the organisation’s reputation and uphold its values through the disciplinary process. The National Executive will be submitting Special Resolutions to CAMRA’s AGM in April this year, for members to vote to approve, to agree to those recommendations. The final intention and wording of the Special Resolutions are not expected to change fundamentally from the drafts reproduced below - which will be confirmed in the usual Notice of AGM published to the membership ahead of the AGM. The National Executive is keen to ensure that all members are given the chance to consider and discuss the proposed changes to the Articles as far ahead of the AGM as possible and raise any concerns. There are likely to be four Special Resolutions proposed (wording of existing Articles to be deleted can be found in the Volunteers’ section of in the “important documents” section)

The Governance Review documents have been available to all members since October 2019 on the website.

All members will be given the opportunity to vote to approve, or reject, the changes to the existing Articles of Association as usual via remote voting relating to the AGM. Details and voting codes will be sent to all members via email (for those who have provided email addresses), enclosed with What’s Brewing (for those members who still opt in to printed copies and have not provided an email address) and by post (for those members who have opted out of printed copies of What’s Brewing and have not provided and email address).